DENVER SKEMA Cod. 01-21 brideg saw monolithic

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DENVER SKEMA Cod. 01-21 brideg saw monolithic

SECOND-HAND MACHINE FOR MARBLE AND GRANITE SKEMA is a modern monobloc bridge saw with tilting head and hot zinc coated frame for an exceptionally long lasting sturdiness and accuracy. It features 3 powered axes traveling on steel guideways with revolving balls and steel bands with revolving rollers protected by bellows and lubricated by a centralized system. The 0°-50° tilting head, with the 0°-90° head rotation allows width and depth wise cuts with no need to handle the slab, Tilting Bench. Mod. DENVER SKEMA Cod. 01-21


Model: SKEMA

Year: 2001

Technical data:
Machine dimensions (LxPxH): mm 6100 x 3850 x 2600
Work bench: mm 3500 x 1850 137,8 x 74,8”
X-axis stroke on linear guides: mm 3500 137.8”
X-axis speed: m/min 0÷16 inches/min 0-590.5”
Y-axis stroke on linear guides: mm 1900 74.8”
Y-axis speed: m/min 0÷16 Inches/min 0-590.5”
Z-axis stroke on linear guides: Max mm 370 Max 14.4”
Z-axis speed: m/min 0÷10 inches/min 0-393.7”
Disc diameter (min-max): mm 350÷500
Max. cut thickness: mm 155 (with disc mm 500)
Clearance disc bottom/upper table: mm 280 (with disc mm 500) 11” (with disc 19.7”)
Motor speed: rpm 1430
Disc motor power: Hp 15 (S6)
Disc inclination: 0° – 50°
Head rotation: 0-90°
Total machine weight: 2.100 Kg.

Tilting Bench

Conditions: Very good conditions, similar new
N.B. the second-hand machinery is understood available except the sold


N.B. technical data are simply indicative

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DENVER SKEMA Cod. 01-21 fresa a ponte monoblocco

DENVER SKEMA Cod. 21-21 brideg saw monolithic

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