INCIMAR MC800 Cod. 32-19 manual pantograph

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INCIMAR MC800 Cod. 32-19 manual pantograph

Manual pantograph with grinding-well, with several characters and dust aspiration Mod. INCIMAR MC 800 Cod. 32-19


Model: MC 800

Year: 1995

Technical data:
Horizontal useful working mm. 800
Vertical useful working mm. 100
Deep of the cut mm. 100
Motor power grinding well – 0,37 Kw double speed
weight of the machine kg. 400
The spindle speed of rotation a 50 Hz

Dimensions: 1.150 x 1.130 x h 1.250 mm.

N.B. The technical data are simply indicative.

Conditions: In working, very good conditions
N.B. the second-hand machineries are understood available except the sold


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