OMAG TORNIO 86PQ Cod. 75-13

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OMAG TORNIO 86PQ Cod. 75-13

Lathe bridge saw to use in order to produce in automatic circular parts, such as columns, vases, basis, fountaains, banisters. the tolls used are 2 diamond blades mounted on the electrospindle, assembled on movable bridge, complete of polishing head OMAG 86 PQ

Brand: OMAG

Model: 86 PQ

Year: 1990

Technical data:
Usefull working max axes Y mm. 3.200
Corsa max verticale asse Z mm. 220
Diameter max of working: 1.000 mm.
Profondità max di taglio mm. 200
Motor power – Hp 20
Weight of machine kg. 2.500
Velocità di rotazione del mandrino a 50 Hz

Conditions: Repaired – in working
N.B. the second hand machineries are understood available except the sold