PELLEGRINI mod. PENTAWIRE Cod. 10-17 gangsaw 5 wires

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PELLEGRINI mod. PENTAWIRE Cod. 10-17 gangsaw 5 wires

Stationery multiple diamond wire saw 34 wires for to cut blocks in slabs for different misures 2-3-4-5 cm. the blocks of marble or granite, Pentawire gangsaw, characterized by the simple and fast adjustment of the slabs thickness, both in the same shot and from cut to cut. A patented mechanical system allows to slide along the common shaft – and independently each other – four of the five flywheels, so as to vary the thickness of each slab from 2 up to 15 cm. This mechanism can be installed on the group of the five tensioning flywheels, leaving on the motor side the large motor drum, equipped with a series of grooves with 10 mm pitch approx.; in this case, the thickness adjustment on the drum will be realized by moving each wire by a groove to another , while the variation of the distance between the flywheels is obtained through a manual crank. This version of the Pentawire is named VT-AT, and by using diamond wires with 8.3 mm beads diameter, it is possible to realize all thicknesses between 21 and 151 mm at metric intervals (21, 31, 41, … , 141, 151). Depending on the number of wires installed and the thicknesses of the other slabs, it is possible to realize thicknesses higher than 15 cm up to 610 mm (this is the case of only two wires installed). COMPLETE OF BLOCK TROLLEY TURNABLE OF PRECISION CMPR40. Mod. PELLEGRINI PENTAWIRE 5 VTAT Cod. 10-17



Year: 2014

Technical data:
Lunghezza utilie di taglio / Maximum cutting lenght 3,5 m
Altezza utile di taglio / Maximum cutting height 2,1 m
Potenza installata / Electric rating 55 ÷ 125 kW
Velocità lineare filo / Wire speed 0 ÷ 40 m/s
Lunghezza di ciascun filo diamantato / Lenght of diamond wire 25,4 m
Peso / Weight 30 Ton.
Dimensioni di taglio: 3.500 x h 2.100 mm.
Dimensioni ingombro: 9.800 x 2.500 x h 4.900 mm.
Completo di 1 carrelli portablocchi motorizzati rotante di precisione
Carter in vetroresina

Conditions: In working 16.000 hours of work
N.B. the second hand machineries are understood available except the sold


N.B. technical data are simply indicative.

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